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Holy Cacao!

did you know the chocolate bean is one of the healthiest living foods on the planet! This seed of love born from the pods of the cacao fruit has been consumed for generations as an aid to healing the body, nourishing the spirit and uplifting ones mood and heart consciousness.


Willow, your self made chocolate artists, curated raw chocolate confections that combine high vibrational superfoods from all over the world, the best spices, adaptogenic mushrooms and naturally organic sweetners like honey and medjool dates. She is changing the way we taste and enjoy the many benefits of eating chocolate by taking us on a sensory journey. 

My intention is to guide you in experiencing this revered bitter fruit as it was before. free from sugar - dairy - heat processing - and slave trade. Embracing cacao and transforming our relationship to plants , our food, and each other by returning to love. 


"feed your heart, feel your way and breathe love."



Cacao mama's mission is to bring medicinal desserts to the people. I consciously create plant powered raw chocolates, tarts, ritual brews, vegan cheesecakes and ceremonial beans. I love sharing the benefits of theobroma chocolate, a sacred and revered plant medicine that uplifts your mood, opens your heart, and nourishes your body and soul! 

Enriched with the finest nutrients mother earth has to offer, cacao holds a powerful space in the medicinal realm. Comprised of essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants including magnesium, manganese, sulfur, iron, potassium, copper, and chromium, cacao is one of the most health beneficial superfoods.

Elevate your senses and heal from within with its naturally-occurring, consciousness-altering components such as:

Endorphins- Cacao releases endorphins resulting in a natural euphoric high.

Anandamide- AKA “bliss chemical,” activates deep relaxation and orgasmic energy.

Arginine- Natural aphrodisiac amino acid that increases blood flow and stimulates sexual arousal. 


Natures medicine

Phenylethylamine- “Love chemical.” mood enhancer that creates euphoric feelings of love.

Serotonin- A neurotransmitter that is a natural anti-depressant. 

Theobromine- A natural chemical that stimulates the heart, relaxes muscles, and enhances mood.

Dopamine- The “feel-good” hormone associated with pleasurable experiences.

Antioxidants: Cacao is the number one antioxidant food in the world, coming in with 15 times more of these awesome flavonoids than blueberries. These precious antioxidant flavonoids help in trapping damaging free radicals and heavy metals, clearing up corrupt cells from the system and supporting detoxification, as well as aiding in the optimization of blood function and fortifying blood vessel and artery walls. This helps to improve circulation, supports the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure.

soul food


Cacao takes you on a journey, opens your heart, and lights the pathway to a place of light, love, and bliss. Our handcrafted cacao is made for every soul- young and old. Consciously crafted, unprocessed with zero additives- just as it should be.

Bring in cacao to elevate your practice- yoga, meditation, sacred circles. Bring in cacao to ignite creativity through dance, music, crafting and writing.

Cacao sets the intentions of your heart and opens the mind to an abundance of possibility and magic.

"Cacao beans are probably the best kept secret in the history of food"

                                -David Wolf


Looking for heart and soul connection? Share this sacred plant medicine and nourish your body and spirit.

This medicinal chocolate is used to heal from within. Take a look at our best sellers and what we currently have in stock.

What We Offer


Marble Surface

So unbelievably grateful for you, Willow, and for the peace, inspiration, and divinity I carry home with me from our Thursday morning rituals.



- Martha Pruitt

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