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Willow is a medicine woman rooted in that unconditional kind of LOVE, devoted to living in the flow, awake and aware, consciously reviving the HEART through inner work, embodiment practices and art forms. Through experience of personal enlightenment, spiritual growth and ascencion she was able to learn how to release old wounds, triggers, pain, negative karma, childhood trauma. By learning how to strength her identity, life force, and melting the boundaries of separation into oneness. With the combination of living mindful she has transformed and manifested her true desires with ease and grace while being a mother of two. Sometimes your greatest strength is to ask for help, to receive, to surrender, to be vulnerable and raw. Honesty and sharing your story is healing within itself. To live in a state of peace, wonder, and presence is a must in todays society, let her help you break the barrier to open your mind and heart, live in your truth and illuminate the light within you letting go of suffering and pain. Would you like to get to the ROOT of the issue in the mind body and or spirit?, or just cover up the symptoms? She offers an array of healing arts, community ceremonies, private tastings, retreats and plant medicine workshops.  With a strong passion for serving and sharing the sacred plant medicine of Cacao and weaving this earth medicine into many healing ceremonies and immersions for nourishment, igniting creativity, sensual awareness and honest open communication. 

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My Journey with Cacao.


My first taste of cacao was an amazing and transformational experience...holding a cup of raw chocolate as Juan Pablo, a shaman from Costa Rica led us with his drum and song next to the Colorado River accompanied by 40 or so other fellow yogis at Hanumaun Festival in Boulder.  I felt this rush of energy, tears streaming down my face as I let go and spilled from my heart this pain and grief I didn't even know was there. I felt seen, heard, loved and supported by cacao and the group energy, as we all expressed through our dance and our voice awakening our animal bodies. After our ceremony closed,  I was different, my heart walls came down and I was feeling alive again, like a light had been turned on, rekindled.  That light of love led me returning home with a need for more of this indigenous medicine to explore and discover, expand my heart space. 

After many months of self exploration at home with my own personal cacao rituals she told me I was ready, I was chosen, I came here to Ignite the Flame of Love, to Awaken Consciousness, Restore the Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine, offering Sensuality and Embodiment practices, Activating the Power of Sound & Voice, Embracing my Wild Nature and Dance of Life. 

I found my purpose and passion, the fireworks of the heart blasted open and Ive been sharing this divine nectar, plant medicine, aphrodisiac ever since. 

My deep love, appreciation, and intimacy with this sacred fruit is palpable. Through my travels to Hawaii, Costa Rica, Belize I gathered and learned many stories, initiations and messages from cacao.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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