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our philosophy

Marble Surface

high quality

Quality is everything. With so many toxic items on the shelves these days, we wanted to make sure our cacao beans were pure, organic, and minimally processed. 

We source heirloom criollo cacao bean paste from Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru  beans and paste that are ethically sourced from small family-owned farms that are grown and harvested with love and intention for medicinal use.

The cacao pods are picked from the cacao tree, fermented in the sun inside banana leaves, then washed and dried in the sun, hand sorted and hand peeled. They are then are crushed and ground into cacao paste on a low speed to keep the temperature from rising, and put into 1 pound brick paste.

Marble Surface

Superfoods and Local love

Cacao Mama not only brings you the best quality theobroma cacao, but our chocolate treats are also filled with additional superfoods to give your health the ultimate boost. We use only organic, fair trade and pure high quality spices, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, herbs, medjool dates and  local honey.

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