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Experience Cacao Mama at an upcoming 

group, virtual, private or individual ceremony or retreat.

No upcoming events at the moment

Weddings and chocolate tastings

Transform your event with an ancient chocolate delicacy your guests will be surely to enjoy. Chocolate is a great conversation start, mood enhancer, LOVE medicine, and truth elixir.


Did you know cacao releases endorphins resulting in a natural euphoric high , containing anandamide aka the "bliss chemical" activating deep relaxation and orgasmic energy. Cacao also releases serotonin which is a natural antidepressant and contains theobromine which is an natural chemical that stimulates the heart, relaxes the muscles and is a mood enhancer. 

Book a private sacred chocolate tasting for 2 to 16 at your home for a divine evening.

Catering options for weddings and private events from 6 to 100.


Sacred Ceremonies

Gather with a circle of kindred spirits, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and or spiritual seekers for a sacred cacao ceremony and take a journey into the heart together for individual and group healing, authentic connection, finding your new mission and purpose, awakening intimacy and bonding, full or new moon rituals, real heartfelt conversation, shadow mining, as a blessingway for a mother to be, and more...

Book a private group ceremony at your very own home, a local yoga studio, your favorite park, or my home. I will create a sacred space, a beautiful setting and arrangement with crystals, flowers, candles, musical instruments, and more.

Groups range from 4 to 40 and are between 2 to 4 hours in length.


1 on 1 session

Let me initiate you into communing with mama cacao. Each session is unique and will be intuitively guided by the cacao spirit, your energy, the lunar cycles, the five rhythms, and the frequency of love. I will take your hand and we will prepare our medicinal cacao brew together as I share the history, benefits, and mysteries of this ancient and indigenous plant medicine. Your session will include 


Each ceremony will include: 

  • Opening Blessing & Prayer 

  • Sacred smudging 

  • Heart Alchemy - a moving meditation & enchanted yoga practice to activate and elevate

  • Therapeutic Massage, Chakra Balancing and or Sound Healing

  • Heartfelt Connection 

  • Closing Gratitude Circle & Song

  • Integration Homework

1 ON 1 sessions are held at my office in New Melle, or your home. Virtual options available yet a different flow.

these sessions are about 3 hours in length at $200