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Healing Stones

Massage Therapies + Cacao Tastings 

Experience the art of a wholistic, intentional self care and love by receiving a spiritual healing integrating cacao, therapeutic massage and energy medicine.

"I am here to support your journey to radiant health and joyous wellbeing."


You are in trusted and intuitive hands, Willow has had over 11 years experience in working with clients who have suffered from chronics stress, old sports injuries, sexual trauma, big life changes, grief, childhood trauma, and depression.

 Treating the root to the issues in the tissues, supporting the body into deep relaxation, and activating the innate healing wisdom already present within is what she specializes in. 


"My goal is for you to return to your natural state, aligned with your inner essence, pain free, and listening to your body, living your best life guided by your heart!"


All sessions are unique! 


We use only certified organic shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil, and Young Living Essential Oils at our practice because it is important what you put onto the body! And the best part...your sessions are done on an in-fared gemstone biomat. This mat produces red light heat therapy, is EMF blocking, and filled with 40 POUNDS of amethyst, jade and black tourmaline crystals!! The benefits include: stress reduction, decrease in inflammation, detoxification, grounding ones energies, soothing sore muscles, weight loss, pain relief, instant relaxation, and more.

I offer complete detox packages, chocolate massage,

frequency healing, womb care, reiki therapy, living water education,

thai yoga bodywork, plant medicine chocolate and more!

hot chocolate massage

Hot Chocolate Massage

A deliciously relaxing  and decadent self care ritual. Perfect for mothers, woman who are pregnant, and any feminine spirit who wishes to feel rooted and radiant again! Yes you deserve it! Fill your cup and unwind with an experience that will nourish your heart, renew your natural beauty glow, and some deep radical rest Your session includes: a cacao mama chocolate truffle tasting at the beginning of your session, a therapeutic massage using warmed cacao butter and hot stones, aromatherapy, chocolate and honey facial, and yogic foot massage.

thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Bodywork

The meditative dance of Thai Yoga bodywork is an ancient healing art weaving yoga asanas, rythmic and deep palming and or walking along the 12 major energy pathways on the body, gently assisted stretching, and guided breath work. These sessions can be done on a table or traditionally a mat on the floor, fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing. The benefits include: full body detoxification, improved circulation and flexibility, mind-body connection, immunity and state of mind, stress reduction, pain relief and more. By stretching the and toning the muscles bringing the body into optimal balance and alignment. 


Energy Medicine  

Return to the resonance, balanced and in flow.  Every session is uniquely co created with your individual intention and goals and is guided by the spirit of matching the now prescence of your needs to be awakened and restored into wellbeing and pure love. Offering  a variety of energy medicine modalities - Usui Reiki, Pranic Healing, Tapping, Chakra Tuning, and Sound Healing. Every session includes: guided relaxation and breath work, negative energy chord releasing, inner aura sweeping, chakra balancing and energizing, crystal and tibetan bowl sound bath, and aromatherapy.

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