Frozen Heart Melts

Frozen Heart Melts


Raw ceremonial melt in your mouth and open your heart indulgent vegan chocolate.


Ingredients: theobroma cacao, organic cacao butter, camu camu, lions mane, moringa, organic date syrup, cardamom seeds.


CAMU CAMU is a superfruit rich in vitamin C and antioxidents, great for weightloss and lowering blood sugar.

LIONS MANE is a brain food! This super healing mushroom helps with a varitety of health problems like alzheimers, parkinsons, depression, anxiety, ulcers, inflammation, cholesterol and more.

MORINGA is a super-green, also called the Tree of Life. 

Packed with iron, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and plant protein. Gives you an energy boost and contains anti-inflammatory power!


You will recieve a heart tin of 3 heart melts.


Keep frozen. I truly enjoy chocolate meditation.

Experience a  meditation practice that is blissful. Allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue, the gateway to your heart chakra, savor, and allow the flavors to unveil.